Our Top 5 Commercial Stump Grinders of 2022

Commercial stump grinding machines are powerful tools able to handle stumps of all sizes. Commercial stump grinding machines are much like cars in the fact that there are a number of different brands producing high-quality equipment. Which one is the best? That is going to be subjective to your needs. Keep reading to learn more about the best commercial stump grinders. 

Vermeer Stump Grinders

Vermeer is a popular brand of stump grinders that produce some of the best pieces of equipment. Vermeer makes a variety of stump grinders for commercial use that range from wheeled to tracked, as well as diesel and gasoline models. The higher horsepower Vermeer models are great for grinding larger stumps and increasing the efficiency of the stump grinder regardless of stump size. Some of our favorite models produced by Vermeer are:

  • Vermeer SC1152 – Diesel engine no longer available new (said to be re-releasing new version within a few years).
  • Vermeer SC852 – Diesel engine
  • Vermeer SG70TX
  • Vermeer SG60TX

Rayco Stump Grinders

Rayco stump grinders are another popular brand among commercial stump grinding businesses. Rayco offers a wide range of stump grinders varying in size, method of operation, and horsepower. Just as their competitors, Rayco offers a number of gasoline and diesel stump grinding machines, as well as both tracked and wheeled machines. The variety of stump grinders Rayco sells means they are sure to have a machine that meets your needs. Some of our favorite models produced by Rayco are:

  • Rayco RG80 – Gasoline engine
  • Rayco RG165T – Gasoline engine
  • Rayco RG74T – Diesel engine

Carlton Stump Grinders

Carlton stump grinders are among the best on the market with powerful machines. Like their competitors, they offer a wide range of different types of stump grinding machines that can fit a variety of jobs. Carlton offers both wheeled, tracked, and tow behind stump grinding machines, as well as diesel and gasoline-powered options. With their wide range of options, there is sure to be a Carlton stump grinding machine that meets your specific needs.  Some of our favorite models produced by Carlton are:

  • Carlton 7015 – Diesel engine
  • Carlton 7015TRX
  • Carlton 8018TRX
  • Carlton Hurricane

Bandit Stump Grinders

Bandit stump grinders specialize in high-quality commercial stump grinding equipment. Bandit offers a wide range of stump grinding models with features that meet your needs. Some of the features you can find on the different Bandit models include gasoline or diesel engines, wheeled or tracked movement, remote operation, and much more to make your stump grinding job as efficient and safe as possible. Some of our favorite models produced by Bandit are:

  • Bandit SG75
  • Bandit 2650
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