Stump Grinding Trucks, Trailers, & More

Getting to and from the job site can be difficult when you’re hauling machinery this size.

Having a good transportation method for your stump grinder is going to be important for getting it to and from job sites. At the bare minimum, having a large vehicle that you can load the stump grinder is necessary. Typically, people will use either a truck or a van to transport smaller stump grinders. Some of the recommended equipment for transportation include:

Transportation Equipment

Truck and Flatbed Trailer

What You Need

The type of transportation equipment that you will need for stump grinding varies by the type of equipment that you intend to be hauling. There are a variety of good options that can fit a stump grinding operation of any size. We recommend the following pieces of equipment depending on your specific needs.

Tow Vehicle
  • Truck
  • Van
  • Open Flatbed Trailer
  • Enclosed Trailer
Loading Ramps

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Loading ramps for loading stump grinding equipment

Open Trailers

Open trailers for stump grinding equipment and more

Enclosed Trailers

Enclosed trailers for stump grinding equipment and more